About Iran`s glass industry

Iran`s glass industry

Iran`s glass industry is one of the capable industries in Iran which started to develop by leading on plenteous endemic silicon mines as well as plenteous gas reserves in Iran. Glass industry is energy consuming and Iran has plenteous cheap gas to support factories, so Iran has a great capability to investing in glass industry.

According to recent commute of Iran`s present and ministers to Europe some of the European countries including Germany Italy as well as US are willing to investigate in glass industry in Iran.

Iran has more than 50 years history in glass and crystal industry and started to export its products to other country. Glass Industry in Iran has a great potential to investigate and import hi-tech manufacturing machines.    

About Salimi Glass

This company has more than 40 years history in glass industry in Iran. From 2013, Salimi Glass has started to develop from traditional manufacturing to advance manufacturing and mostly has focused on four products including double glazing, decorative, laminated as well as tempered glass. The main mission of Salimi Glass is to identifying those companies related to Salimi Glass field all over the Iran, developing Salimi Glass branches in Iran, connecting all branches together and giving consulting to them to improve their quality and get Salimi Glass qualification. Then, connecting customers to branches according their needs and living area. Salimi Glass started to imply the same thing in global scale by connecting oversea costumers to Iran`s glass company.Second, it is crucial to have communication with other countries, so Salimi Glass has started to communicate with other top glass industry countries to import their products and technology in Iran which leads to growth in glass industry of Iran.